April 4, 2018

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August 2, 2019

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Life with A² and B²

March 8, 2018


On this Women’s Day when the world is buzzing with wishes from all walks of life to Women’s; are you guys wondering what Math’s I am talking and that too associated with life. #Womensday


Well before you run the horses in your brains to understand what the subject line is all about. Let me tell you its not at all about Mathematics. Vola a bit relaxation rite that I am not going to teach you A²+ B² etc.


Well then what it means Life with A² and B² and why I am talking about it on Women’s Day. Today on Women’s day when we are celebrating the empowerment of Women’s and how they are achieving success in all walks of life, I personally would like to go one step ahead and take the liberty of paying a whole-hearted tribute to the one who has changed themselves to such an extent that we Women’s can actually achieve what we dreamt for. So that’s where the B² comes in picture; it’s my 2 boys without whom I cannot even dream of standing strong today.


With a blooming carrier of 13+ years in IT, Life took a new turn 6 year before when my son was born. #yuvaanvlogger after which it was just the journey of #Motherhood which kept me busy and going. My husband played a pivotal role in taking care of me and my son during the phase till date. Life was going cool and happy when a nightmare struck us, and I got detected by a rare disease 6 month before #AplasticAnemia (i.e. what I call A²). We witnessed that it just takes a single minute to change the entire world whether sad or happy.


#AplasticAnemia is a rare but serious blood disorder. If you have it, your bone marrow doesn't make enough new blood cells. So now the subject line makes sense. Life with A² and B², past 6 months my lovely A² has taken a helluva toll on me and in this entire creepy and bumpy journey till date my B² have stood strong with me. My 2 boys i.e my Hubby and my 6-year-old son. They have ensured I get all moral, mental, physical support.


Today on this special day I want to thank my 2 boys from deep of my heart for being with me in the most hardship days of my life and keeping me strong through the walk till now.


It is the Man in my life

Who stood with Me

Who stood for Me

Who sacrificed many things for Me

Who is living for Me

Who learned to adjust for Me

A Salute to Him!!

If my B² weren’t with me; I wouldn’t have witnessed the Women’s Day today.


Hats off My Man and My Son !!










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