April 4, 2018

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August 2, 2019

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Kid Feeding Bird's; Making New Friends

May 24, 2017

If you are based in Mumbai and are witnessing the sweaty summer season, I am sure you will understand how Hot Mumbai has become. 


This Summer me and yuvaan are doing various things but the best of all is what we are doing from the past 1 week. Wondering how is hotness and our activity related. 


Well beating the hotness Mumbai is drenching in is kinda impossible but being helpful to someone beat the heat is kinda achievable.


Now Whom and How was something that we were brainstorming on when we suddenly came across the story of "Thirsty Crow". That was when we decided to help Birds beat the heat.


Everyday in the morning from the past 1 week we are going to a nearby place where many birds come together. Me and my kid carry "Tiffin for Birds" ( Jowar or Bajra) & "Water Bottle for Birds" so that we can feed them and at the same time watch them. Yuvaan is so excited by the idea that he carries Tiffin for Birds.


When we started this activity I didn't really think that my son is going to learn something from it too but as time passed, I realized he has :

  • It's not just feeding for him but it also has developed a sense of caring in him.

  • In the flock of pigeons, he himself has identified few different color ones named them and tries to search for them every time we go.

  • He observes the birds closely tries to identify the various colors it has on the body, how the color shines in the sun.

  • He spends half hour with them every day and their company simply brings a smile on his face.

  • The activity is giving him an exposure to be with nature and interact with it.

I am sure as days advances he will surely take more out of it. 
















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