April 4, 2018

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August 2, 2019

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Fun Way To Learn the Alphabet!

May 23, 2017

Few days remaining for the school, so we decided to revise our Alphabets!!


But guess what ma kido just forgot all that he learnt , heheh vacations you know!!


I remember when I was small, my mom used to be behind me every vacation to write tables each day. I use to fill so bore to even lift a notebook in vacation period. I am sure you all did too.


Remembering that practice even I was behind my kid to write Alphabets  but he was my kid only.


Trust me their are many things we understand after being parents only, till then we feel why are parents so dotting. I know it's for our benefits only but it really takes time to self realize it unless you experience it. Ohh I think I am deviating from the topic here and we can write one whole blog on this specific subject.


So as I said he's my kid only; he was also giving the same facial expressions and some weird excuses that I use to give once upon a time to my mom for not studying in vacation. He's just 5 and I am never behind him studying. I strictly feel the more fun you have while learning you register it more in your brain. 


So I and yuvaan started revising our Alphabets in a Fun way and trust me he enjoyed doing it. The kid who cant sit even for 15 mins at one place to my surprise was loving doing his alphabets.


You can see our video and find out all the fun we had revising our Alphabets in a fun way..




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