On our Journey back from Manali to Mumbai, we decided to halt at Chandigarh so that we can take Yuvaan on a small unique quest where he can observe and also understand that waste materials can be reused and can be transferred in awesome monuments, sculptures animals, mens, womens etc


Rock Garden of Chandigarh also named as Nek Chands Rock Garden spread across an area of 40 acres is an beautiful example of how waste materials like bottle, glasses, tiles, ceramic pots, bangles, pipes etc can be transformed in mesmerizing things.


Kids do not only see the monuments but are curious about the small tunnels , the small doors that leads to a huge passage or the waterfalls etc.


Time :


Open all days from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm


Fees :


INR Rs.30 for Adults and Rs.10 for kids below 10 years.


Tips : Do not forget to carry your caps/sunglasses in summers.

          Do take a ride in Tum Tum outside the garden.


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